case study

customer goal only provides a system for renting electric scooters, which operate efficiently only using efficient batteries.

The client has previously cooperated with other battery suppliers for their vehicles, but the quality of services provided was far from ideal. The problem was not only the quality or performance of the battery, but also its service and transport.


our solution

BatteryGuru has offered its services to, so all the existing problems have been completely eliminated. First of all, we provided our customer with high quality scooter batteries, based on brand new lithium-ion cells. Our team’s experience and skills have made the batteries become much more efficient – up to 80 km on one charge.

While servicing the branch in Poznań, BatteryGuru also provides scooter and battery service on site – therefore, high costs related to repair in other places or transport go away.

The cooperation of BatteryGuru with has been going on for several years and during this time we have produced batteries for electric scooters with a mass of almost 10 tons.

We invite you to cooperate with BatteryGuru, we will gladly provide information at +48 616 100 050 or email address
About the client... is the first and largest network of electric scooters in Poland.

It already operates in 16 Polish agglomerations. scooters can be seen in Warsaw, Poznań, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot, Kraków, Kołobrzeg, Wrocław, Łódź, Lublin, Białystok, Rzeszów, Giżycko and Milanówka.

Abroad, you can use the electric scooter network in Budapest, Valencia and Split.



We manufacture and service in Europe. We send the battery throughout Europe. Our products are insured.


high quality

Reproducibility and error-free performance thanks to automatic welding machines. We select the cells. 



We have experience in the production of batteries for small electromobility. We work with dozens of companies from all over Europe.

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