we make batteries for drones


we make batteries for drones

Nowadays drones conquer the skies – they are used not only by amateurs or in the entertainment industry, but also for more serious purposes, such as military, environmental protection or rescue.

Creating a battery for a drone is quite a challenge – it requires both high efficiency of batteries, capable of lifting it in the air for a long time, but also relatively light batteries, which will not overload the machine.

The team of our designers and battery technicians, thanks to their knowledge and experience is able to provide such batteries, ensuring not only a long flight range, but also small size and weight.

A special achievement of the BatteryGuru team is the creation of batteries for an exceptional drone, piloted not remotely from the ground, but… by a man sitting in the cockpit!

Standard products can be found in our store in a permanent offer. Unusual designs can be also found in the on-line shop. If you need an individual project, order a free estimate – click the button below or contact our sales department.

Power supply for drones

Drone, an unmanned aircraft piloted remotely or performing an autonomous flight.

They are powered by packages of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries with voltages from 12 up to 22 V. The higher the voltage, the drone is faster and stronger. They can be equipped with 4 to 12 electric motors. Remotely controlled even from a distance of several kilometers, drones can rise to a height of several hundred meters.

The most advanced drones are capable of fully autonomous flights.

The most popular recreational drones are powered by lithium-ion packages with a capacity of approximately 1200 mAh and rated voltage of 11.4V (3S) allowing flight time up to 16 minutes.

Professional drones, used for film production or used by security services, are powered by up to six packages, each with a capacity of 4500 mAh and more, with a rated voltage of 22.2V (6S), allowing it to stay in the air up to 90 minutes, powering not only motors, but also a peripheral device like cameras, lamps or gimbals.



Batteries are covered by a 24 month warranty. Warranty and post-warranty service in Europe.


New cells

We make batteries only from new cells selected by our machines.



Our batteries are covered by the OC policy. The policy is valid throughout the Europe.

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