Electric skaterboard

lithium-ion batteries
for electric skateboards

Electric skateboards

lithium-ion batteries for electric skateboards

Battery Guru specializes in the production of lithium-ion batteries for small electric vehicles. Particularly challenging are the batteries for e-skateboards.

These vehicles help to move around the city much faster than traditional leg-powered skateboards. Batteries for electric skateboards must therefore not only be capatious and powerful, but also small enough to fit under the vehicle.

As a producer of lithium-ion batteries, we received quite a challenge from Majestic Boards (a producer of skateboards and electric longboards) – we had to create a battery with the highest possible voltage and capacity, but also located in a housing only 20 mm thick.

We have managed to solve this and several other problems, thanks to which Majestic Boards e-longboard users enjoy a long range and high speed.

Standard products can be found in our store in a permanent offer. Unusual designs can be also found in the on-line shop. If you need an individual project, order a free estimate – click the button below or contact our sales department.

what is an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboard or electric longboard is nothing but the electrified traditional skateboard.

Longboard – a longer version of the skateboard, the extended deck provides greater stability and cushioning when driving at high speed. In contrast to the classic skateboard, it also differs in the type of wheels, the wider wheels are made of soft urethane ensuring high traction. Initially dedicated to downhill practice, currently used mostly as a means of transport in cities.

They are usually powered by lithium-ion or lithium-polymer packages with a rated voltage of 24V or 36V, allowing for high power consumption while maintaining low mass. Typical skateboards have an average range of 30 km, a top speed of 35 km / h. The power varies from 800 to 4000 W. The most powerful constructions allow to accelerate even above 50 km / h and have a power of 5k W.

The drive is a small brushless motors driving the wheels with v-belts or the motors can be placed directly in the wheels – this solution saves space under the board.



Batteries are covered by a 24 month warranty. Warranty and post-warranty service in Europe.


New cells

We make batteries only from new cells selected by our machines.



Our batteries are covered by the OC policy. The policy is valid throughout the Europe.

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