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Electric scooters are very popular in larger cities, being an alternative to often unreliable and environmentally harmful public transport or cars.

At BatteryGuru, we mainly create scooter batteries for Blinkee.city – a company offering a scooter renting system, available in several Polish cities (Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and Krakow) and in Europe (Budapest, Valencia and Split).

Long-term cooperation with Blinkee.city resulted in the creation of a powerful scooter battery with a voltage of 59V and a capacity of about 35 Ah – this means a real range of 80 km on a single charge.

The battery is made of high quality cells, which ensures long-lasting, trouble-free operation, and its compact dimensions and light weight make it ideally suited to the electric scooter.

More about the cooperation of BatteryGuru with Blinkee.city can be read in the case study.

Standard products can be found in our store in a permanent offer. Unusual designs can be also found in the on-line shop. If you need an individual project, order a free estimate – click the button below or contact our sales department.

what is an electric motor scooter?

An electric scooter is a small two-wheeled electric vehicle powered by batteries. It is usually the equivalent of a small combustion scooter, i.e. a moped with an engine capacity of up to 50 cm3, a maximum power not exceeding 4kW and a speed not exceeding 45 km/h.

Range of such a vehicle varies from 50 to 120 km depending on the battery capacity. In budget scooters, you can usually see gel batteries, premium manufacturers uses lithium-ion cells. The motor can be located centrally or in a wheel.

We can also find more powerful electric scooters on the market, such as the Vectrix VX-1 or the BMW C Evolution with a capacity of 35 kW. 

Popularity is gained thanks to scooter sharing services – the possibility of renting a vehicle for minutes. The battery in such vehicles is replaceable. Charging time varies from 4 to 8 hours.



Batteries are covered by a 24 month warranty. Warranty and post-warranty service in Europe.


New cells

We make batteries only from new cells selected by our machines.



Our batteries are covered by the OC policy. The policy is valid throughout the Europe.

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